Saftey First! – It’s all for the lulz

Saftey First?

(BLAHBLAH COMPANY) needs your help! We're holding a friendly contest to see if someone out there can come up with a great safety-related slogan that we can use to help drive us towards a company culture that promotes Saftey First!

I think every company eventually does this where they hold a raffle for something that really should be paid for by a professional. A lot like how a city flag is built it's something that really should be left to designers.

Saftey First prizes

Ohh snapple! Prizes! $100 pre-paid gift card for doing something a marketing firm gets paid $10,000+ for! 

Back to the company letter.


1) The Slogan must be Saftey Related

2) Should be no more then a few words or a short sentance.

3) Can NOT be trademarked by any other company and should be origial

4) Employees can submit more then one slogan and ALL entries must be sent to no later then 10/12/12


And now, my response about a good safety slogan:

In an effort to be a team player. And because $100 gift card is so lavish I've given it exactly %8 thought because that is exactly how much that amount of money would go in a real marketing firm. But it's okay! I'll give it a shot anyway! because like I said, "I Care". And I wanted to run these by you guys to see what you think.

"Saftey: Holding back natural selection since 1970!"  - true story bro's, here:

Perhaps BLAH-Company would rather adopt the honesty approach instead:
"Saftey: Because we're sick and tired of getting sued."

"Saftey: Because Google's auto-correct feature is mean to us." - When you type in your companies name and google auto-corrects it with 'complaints'. you know you have issues!
We could go with some more classic BLAH-Company sayings:

"Saftey: Always thinking about it 10 years 8 months later."

"Saftey: It's like a banjo..I - ... Uhh.. ... I have no metaphore... Where's the Moonshine?!?"

"Saftey: Do it or else we'll use the power word on you."

How about something that adds a bit of history towards the human culture of the world:

"Saftey: Because Egyptians and Aztecs cared about the human element. So should we!"

Perhaps a more abstract message would appeal to the pallet of corporate, I understand the nature of passive aggressive psi-ops marketing.

"Saftey: I love you!"

"Saftey: A passion for mediocrity!"

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