State of the blog address 2018.

What's happening in this blog?!?

Welcome to the state of the blog address. It's come to my attention that people think that I've given up blogging. That's simply is not true.

What's happening in my life is and the state of the blog is well... LIFE! That is as much as I would like to be pumping out articles on a daily level. That there is this thing called 'work' that we and many others in this world have to do. Now don't consider this some sort of "pity us" campaign story and that if we were somehow sustainable on our blog then we could truly live the dream of blogging endlessly. I don't think that's overly reasonable because from what we've experienced people which blog endlessly end up completely losing touch with reality. Worse still, we will end up getting looped into our bullshit. This is an unacceptable outcome.

If you're at the mall, you see those bitches that somehow have millions of views on their blogs and social media talking about which hand garment bag will match your dress and save you time at the airport. Those same bloggers never asked if that hand garment bag will help us survive a nuclear winter. Or will it melt to my body if the person next to me drops an incendiary grenade? I'm to the point now where we believe those types of bloggers are just computer-generated algorithms.  But then; What if we're an algorithm? What if our physical bodies got shoved into a burn-booth and my articles are extrapolated out of previous entries that were written during my consciousness? EVERYTHING IS FAKE!!! RUN!!!!

There's also a simple fact that we don't want to be like the rest of the sites out there in the world meaning no advertisements or tracking information. This means the money has to come from somewhere and that somewhere is our own pockets. This is fine really! But it means that sometimes we take pauses in what we do. We're currently in an RL job which means a lot of flying around the United States and 12-hour days. This will eventually come to an end and when it does. Trust us. We have plenty of things to blog about!


One of the things that we do on is we will sometimes revise/edit our articles. Especially if there is enough of a comment outcry to do so. We attempt to provide content out there that is accurate to the best of our abilities. Sometimes we fuck up! This is okay too! It's very American for us to accept failure by constantly knowing that some negative backlash isn't going to kill us. We're not running for president now in any governmental office and no one has died (yet) from any of the blog entries we've published. Because of this thought process, we can edit and unfuck ourselves. But of course, that eats away time from new articles appearing on this site.

This also means video edits too! I've been going through and re-dubbing a lot of my videos with a better microphone to improve the overall quality of the content this site can deliver. Because we're not associated with some mega-corp conglomerate this probably means you don't get to see the update notifications of my videos or being constantly harassed that hey there's an update going on regardless of how minor the update is.  Your time is valuable and we feel that it shouldn't be spent with our sorry asses bombarding your social network timeline with updates. You're welcome by the way.

Narration test v1.

WAV - OGG - OPUS Available.

This is an 8-second clip of the original audio for our XBCD tutorial. Recorded on a $20 Koss CS-100 Headset.

Narration test v2.

WAV - OGG - OPUS Available.

This is again an 8-second clip of the updated re-dubbed audio for our XBCD Tutorial. Recorded on our CAD GXL2200 microphone.

Of course, it wasn't just the microphone that improved but the temperament of how things was said were improved dramatically as well. You don't have to rush and shove everything down a person's throat if you know how long your videos are.

These types of edits take time! This is the type of time you as a reader probably never get to experience except for the first-time reader to my site that sees the video and audio with the improved edits. Also, for those content creators out there. You don't need to spend as much on your microphone as you did on your car. But you can tell the difference between a $20 gaming headset and a $100 condenser microphone.

I've even started a little page on my site dealing with audio and microphone comparisons for you to listen to. Not the most professional thing in the world but you get the idea of how the quality of the microphone can affect your voice.

Final thoughts.

This is the kind of blog that is simply not designed to have content pumped out endlessly. There's no hype train or high scope of engagement.

I know in the future Google eventually will blacklist this site in ways that work out for "YouTube" under the guise of censoring content for the use of profanity because everyone in the world suddenly turned into a delicate flower and thus could scared away advertisers. That we could get labeled into a hate site for running a review on a product that hurts the feeling of some random company. Or that we can somehow hurt feelings because the blogger had a few drinks in them as they were writing and said "Fuck" way too many times!

Or Google will simply use the excuse of incompetence instead of malice by saying "Oopsie, we dropped you from our search engine. Here's CNN!"

If the jackboot of Google blacklists my website which is where almost 90 percent of my traffic comes from it still will not affect the pacing in which articles are published here. Sometimes you'll get an article a week. Sometimes you'll get an article per month. But blog articles are still coming no matter what and it's because of those articles is what search engines beyond even google cannot be ignored or else they've failed at doing their job.

While we're on this roll fuck Alexa too! Their website popularity index only causes more and more spammers to come to my site instead of legit people. I'd rather have 20 legit people visit my site than 2,000 robots.

If there is one objective we would like to see more people do is start their blogs. I've talked about this a lot in a previous article. It's a hard road but the content you create is yours. The site you make is yours and you're not supporting another entity like YouTube or Twitch. We're not going to make their pockets any deeper by forcing readers to watch their ads.

We are your anti-heroes! We wear hoodies, not capes. We're not here to save you. We're here so we can watch you save yourselves.

Until next time. Don't die.



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