State of the blog 2019

The year is 2020. At this stage we should be raging on a concrete jungle with hover-bikes and laser swords. What was got is a rather underwhelming dystopia. But that doesn't mean we're stopping anytime soon.


Font Change.

TeleSys Logo.

We decided to get rid of the bitstream vera mono font and replace it with a telesys font that was made by Andrew Montagne ( on Mastodon) and his GitHub for the source and font is found here. The aesthetics is real on this font and we think it's hella cool and in tune with our y2k themed blog .

You should check it out if you too want to attain that that 1980's BBS feel in the year 2020.

Other things.

This article sort of died and got lost in publication. I'm not entirely sure what happened but fuck it. I'm smashing that Publish Button! 2020 was a wild ride and We didn't spend a whole lot of time on this blog. Which is unfortunate. But as stated in multiple previous blogs this is about duration. Not on how many articles come out.

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