Ouya Support – XBMC reporting wrong time.

XMBC and KODI reporting wrong time on android.

Wrong time is a result of Ouyas operating system used more for gaming then it is for any application function like the original intention of the android operating system which is for phones. It’s there you just have to back out of XBMC/KODI to set it. This should technically fall under the core troubleshooting catagory however since it is only noticeable in applications and third party apk’s then it makes more sense to put it down here.

From the Ouya main menu; Click on MANAGE > SYSTEM > ADVANCED and then arrow down to the bottom of the advanced menu to chose “Date & time”.


You may want to check the box on the top to use “Automatic date & time” however it may already be set, scroll down to the “Select time zone”option and click on that.

From here you can choose the timezone of your personal choice. After everything is set, back out of these menus and launch XBMC again. It should now have the correct time that will appear on your screen!



This blog entry is apart of the Ouya Support and Troubleshooting guide assembled by S click on the picture above to go to that entry.

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