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My USB hubs do not work with the Ouya!

Rockband USB hubs on my OuyaA painful lesson learned during bitcoin mining is that not all USB hubs are created equal! That in order to save money some of them use cheaper chipsets and fewer parts in order to make a product that they can sell for almost nothing. In most cases, the Android operating system can find your USB hub upon the Ouya startup and all devices you have connected (Keyboard, USB stick, mouse) will power on and be ready for use. In some cases however is the USB chipset is odd or not understandable the android OS will simply ignore your hub, making it useless.  Also, note that the Ouya USB has a limited amount of power coming out of it and having too many USB devices hooked up without supplying external +5v power from elsewhere may cause system stability issues. On one Ouya in my house, there is a rockband USB hub for my PS2 that is being used as a USB hub so recycling does help!


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