Ouya Support – Artifacts on screen

My Ouya displays garbage/artifacts on the screen the moment I power it up!

This is also another ugly worst-case Ouya Support issue. Where the Ouya will either completely lock up causing the HDMI signal artifacts since it just lost it's clock timing even though power is still being supplied to the LCD or flat-panel TV.

If you can still move around in your menus despite the artifacts on the screen. Tech support will ask you to take your Ouya to another flat panel TV in the house and to try and change out your HDMI cable. As weird as it maybe there are some TVs that were manufactured that simply did not conform to all of the HDMI standards out there. As a result, some really freaky stuff starts to happen.

They may also ask to have it unplugged for 30 minutes and try again. Truth be told this often has a %5-10 chance of resolving your issue as people who experience this issue have defective RAM in the Tegra 3 core.

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