Goodbye Youtube and Vimeo

About the movie time section for my favorite YouTube and Vimeo Posts:

In an effort to divorce me from YouTube and Vimeo. Movie time is no longer on this site. Read on if you want to know more.

Moving onward from 3rd party server dependency.

It was becoming too much of a pain in the ass to keep re-updating favorite links on YouTube and Vimeo because of how they go up and down all of the time. It is understandable if we linked to a non-creator who decided to plaster other people's works everywhere. That's fine, but when the creator themselves shields people from watching what they make that is almost a cognitive dissidence that they suffer. You want to be famous but you don't want anyone to see your work. We can't be Shia Labouf people.

website cleanup - web 2.0 is sorry a lot from youtube and Vimeo.

We initially thought that removing all links to YouTube in my direct blogs would take a massive hit on my website's impact. It did for about a month and lots of 404 errors also occurred in its wake. But as documented in another blog:

YouTube Rant Title.

Final thoughts.

Dealing with my rants about YouTube long after I pulled my video. It was at that point that I knew that my decision was sound. In a sense, it has actually made people stay on my website longer versus being bounced all over the place between my website and YouTube and then back again. Initially, it was painful to host all of these videos on the web service that I bought but as technology is advancing more and more people are switching over to watching h.265 and WebM videos which can be easily encoded into a blog.

It is said on my FAQ and I shall say it again. Don't let other people control your data. Because the moment you do that you are effectively bitched.

That's what server said.


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