Gift Art – Bad Future Press

Bad future press! - By Alex @ Gimon .

When we checked our e-mail over the weekend we almost fell out of our chairs seeing that there was legit fan art. Wow, just... wow.

I'm totally blown away by this and thank you just seems too little for something like this. When you get artwork it means that someone spent legit time thinking of you as they were drawing. That's legit deep right there.

The artist's name was Psysonyl which now goes by the name of Alex @

You could check out their blog by going to - My picture is under the SFW section. For those bold enough to travel the NSFW section there's some more art there as well!

Twitter is also available for Alex as well.

Since it is a blog he is most definitely in the Cellar Door as well.

"Bad Future Press" by Alex @ Gimon Zone
Bad Future Press.



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