Falling Down.

Falling down fight scene.

Falling down is another color picture I did and for the time was one of the longest render scenes I did in Lightwave due to all of the reflections going on. Processed about a week on a pentium 2 300mhz. and the colored later in photoshop.

Click here for direct link to picture.Falling down Initial Sketch.



This was the original Sketch that I had going for my piece.

falling-down01Click here for direct link to picture.

Initial coloring all completed in Photoshop.

Click here for direct link.falling-down02

This was all rendered as one frame. I probably should've separated the glass out from this when rendering as it would've sped up the process.

Click here for direct download of picture.
Falling Down Foreground Glass

This would be the foreground glass.

falling-down04Click here for direct download

And this is the final picture all layered together in photoshop again.

I had a good time putting this together

Falling Down title.

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