Ebay cel-phone battery rip-off

Well my dealings with eBay would eventually go sour and have a rip-off.

It's just funny that it happened on such a crap product. I wanted to get a battery for my Palm Pre' because surprisingly I actually use it for work for closing out work orders. the battery that's in it works but the charge only lasts for maybe 20 minutes before it powers down. I wanted to get a new battery for it. I've already hacked it bypassing the activation screen so we can at least use the wi-fi and web-browsing capabilities of it.

But here goes:

eBay title described this part as "New OEM Original Palm Pre Treo BP1 Battery Sprint"

Seller of product is sigmacellular and I should've looked at his history and notice how this individual is being REALLY sloppy with his descriptions on eBay in respects that he doesn't give a shit how its listed so long as it goes out the door.

What does the product look like? I do happen to take a 300dpi scan of the battery.

sigmacellular eBay scam and fraud of a new battery

As you can see from the pictures litmus sticker is missing, battery is bulged, worn contacts on the copper terminals. and the sticker was scrapped to hell. came in a self-sealed plastic baggie. The seller just ripped this battery out of a shit phone that he probably got from the recycle bin and put it on eBay for $2. to rip someone off on $2 is kind of pathetic. At least with the Chinese memory scam that was $30 times a few hundred people. Do it right if you're going to rip people off on eBay!


I have just sent a message off to the seller about it. If he doesn't respond. Well! They got $2, that's cool, and they'll also get a negative rating.

Update 3/27/2013

I sent out the following message:

I received my palm battery. However, the battery received was not new. litmus sticker removed, battery swollen, heavy usage on the copper contacts. How would you like to resolve this?

thank you!

This is the message received back from sigmacellular:


Thank you for your message. We apologize for any inconvenience and will be more then happy to resolve the problem. We guarantee condition and performance of each item that we sell, and if you believe the battery you received is not as described, we will gladly provide you with either a free replacement or a refund for the transaction, without requiring return of the defective item. Please let us know which resolution you prefer as we're awaiting your timely response. We look forward to resolving this issue with the transaction.
Thank you
- sigmacellular
This is typical really. Having an automated message allows people who are really bad at english to continue to conduct business online for Ebay while still maintaining the sheer volume in sales that they do.
Sending back the reply where i simply don't care. I just want my money back so I will get a battery from someone else. Or send me what I paid for which was a new Palm Pre OEM battery for my phone. I also liked how they completely didn't take note of the pictures attached in my e-mail that are up on the top of this blog.
update 3/27/2013
We are happy to confirm that  your full refund has been issued as promised.
The funds will be available in your Paypal balance shortly, but if you don't have a paypal account, the funds will transfer back to your original method of payment within 48 hours of this message.
If you receive an eBay transaction cancellation request, please accept it for the refund to be expedited.
If you have any questions, please let us know and we hope to be able to help you with your next purchase.
Thank you
- sigmacellular
and they did refund the money. Still, they shouldn't be sending out used crap like that. Not going to negative feedback them. but I am leaving this entry up.

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