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The motions of tens of thousands of inbred men swurving about you to get a piece of the American dream.. my god man, they're animals... animals I say! ARE YOU LISTENING TO ME!!! good! because the breakdown of communication within this entry may be crucial for your survival, YES I'M TALKING DANMIT!!! there's little white children dancing in the streets, they stare at me with those icy blue eyes, knowing everything that I've done, I try to walk up to them. but my legs, they couldn't move, it's like they were jelly, I could hardly stand... WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON!! I have to.. no.. I have to get out of here, Why are they coming towards me? what do that want? is this what the end of the world looks like?. are these children of the dammed what awaits us all at the light at the end of the tunnel? It doesn't matter now, everything's going black..... calm. SHIT!!! I CAN'T PASS OUT NOW!! IN THE MIDDLE OF BUTTFUCK CENTRAL MAN AND ME WITHOUT A CHAINSAW!! if i make it through tommorow.. tell the ones i know to buy shorts! and and shaving cream!! one big menacing drum of shaving cream because it's going to take a lot of razors to cut through this mess.. I ... I think I ran over someone in my van, it doesn't matter man, we'll take it into the wash and clean off the blood and salt stains, I try to confess my sins, but the waitress just keeps giving me more jelly, more grape jelly of divine inspiration of some accursed deity from the neither-region. I throw it back at them all, YOU CAN'T DO THIS TO ME!!!! I NEED TO TELL SOCIETY THAT EVERYTHING WE LEARNED IS WRONG!!! FUCKING WRONG!! and suddenly there was calm like no other, you could hear the high pitch tone on the ringing and the blood pushing up to your head.. WHY DOESN'T IT STOP!!! my brain is going to explode at any minute and all i wanted was some orange juice. Orange Juice and the state of montana.. we need to build a rail cannon boom! IT'S OFF TO MARS! but no.. we can't let anyone have it.. those fucks will just use it as some sort of weapon.. kill all of humanity.. those bastards!! we need to tie them up to the bumper of my car with fish-hooks. can't think about it now.. IT HAS TO.. NO!! IT MUST STOP!!!. tons of images of horrific sites invade my head of mutants patrolling the streets.. There's a giant fat man, says that he's a MAN! a FUCKING MAN! and i tell him don't fuck me! FUCK THAT LITTLE CHINESSE GIRL TAPPING THE BATTON!! SHE'S BEGGING FOR IT!! I probably sent that poor bastard to his death by Korean police. There was a horrific motorcycle that happened just on the other side of the bridge. can't go that way, the pork will find me, and use my mind for their own sick and pathetic gestures of fun. NOT ME AND NOT EVER.. i bought a packet of bacon and i ate it, maybe some food in me will help. now if i can just get past those mines.. GOD DANM! i remember a day when mines just stood still, not anymore, it's the future, and I'm in no position to take them all on! Have to keep moving! keep going before they take away my only tools of survival, some fake ID's, a dentist air-drill with a ripped hose that i somehow acquired, and a zippo. what..... what is that foul odor that i keep smelling, the scent of human remains and almonds all around me, JESUS THEIR COMING FOR ME!!! G-UnitS by the dozen!! I need to make a run for the factory! i'll be safe there! MONKEYS HATE MOLTEN STEEL!! my mother said once i have to choose my battlefield, I'll take them all on! i swear to god I'LL DRILL OUT THEIR EYES AND SET THE ON FIRE!! ONLY THEN CAN WE TAKE THE JELLY BACK TO THEM!!! ONLY THEN WILL THAT FAT CANADAIN SHUT UP! the music, the fluorescent lights , this is not a good place for karma, I feel into a sweat meat factory with a bpm! all of these poor bastards jumping up and down, foolishly flailing their arms about . "THEY'LL KILL YOU ALL" , but... no one seem to care, i can't save them so i move on.. WHATHA! NO !! YOU CANNOT TAKE MY CANDY!! I WON'T LET YOU TO SUMBITCH! I'LL TAKE YOUR HEART JOIEEJK)P@)3ehje



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