Web Isolation – State of the config – fonts and more

Web Isolation, fonts, and the overall state of config that is "S".

It's been a while since I did an update on my website and I want to talk about Web Isolation. Work and being a responsible human being is a brutal thing. There isn't a whole lot of personal blogging that goes on here because I don't think there's anything all that interesting to say about "S-Config" as a person. Instead, I just want to focus on the data instead. And I think everyone agrees it's a way better move. I suppose lets talk about the first aspect of what I have been doing with this Blog which is:

Web Isolation

Adhering to the most basic principles of this site which is to maintain control over your data is one of the most important steps which is Web Isolation.. I have been moving things away from web 2.0 such as my art from Furaffinity. And most recently my YouTube entries are not embeds into blogs. Porting the videos onto my website did result in going from a 5-7 GB bandwidth usage up to a 30-40GB of bandwidth usage which is close to maxing out the starter account I have on AnubianHost. Don't worry boys and girls, in February the plan is to increase the bandwidth three-fold as more video blogs will be on the way. Sure, it's another $20/yr approximately but people really like videos to go with their reading. It's something I learned from the old Tech Tv days and obviously everyone else likes it too. More is to come on that front. It sort of puts things into perspective on just how much data we really use. That if you cut the cords to the 2.0 it gets intense.

Fonts, cookies and more.

Albedo Furry Font title. My website has gone from 5 cookies to various third party sites down to 1-2 cookies. StatCounter and Google Analytics are gone. The data I was getting wasn't really that important to me. As cool as it was to see where people are visiting my site. It gets a little "Orwellian" level creepy when google starts collecting other metrics of your use and showing it to you. I didn't like it and frankly, don't care so long as I'm getting hits and people are finding what they want off of my site. Cookies from fonts.googleapis.com was a little more difficult to remove as part of it is embedded into both WordPress as well as the theme I am using (I think ALL themes. People don't want to get licenses for the fonts they use anymore.) I first had to use a WordPress plugin called Remove Google Fonts References in order to stop the JetPack plugin from constantly loading it. Then I had to re-find those fonts from Google by downloading the master font list which only gives me TTF files. From there I had to convert the TTF into every conceivable format using FontSquirrel which was relatively painless to do. And finally I had to add some lines to my custom.css like so:

@font-face {
    font-family: "Josefin Sans";
    src: url('josefinsansstd-light-webfont.eot');
    src: url('josefinsansstd-light-webfont.woff2') format('woff2'),
         url('josefinsansstd-light-webfont.woff') format('woff'),
         url('josefinsansstd-light-webfont.ttf') format('truetype'),
         url('josefinsansstd-light-webfont.eot?#iefix') format('embedded-opentype'),
         url('josefinsansstd-light-webfont.svg#josefin_sans_stdregular') format('svg');
    font-weight: normal;
    font-style: normal;


And finally clear out my cache. This was really the only font that the Angular theme used for titles. all of the other fonts were system files. Not only did I notice a bit of a speed performance when I reload the page now. I did check out the metric for how much this font is loaded off of the Google Font server and it was something like 30 million per hour. Part of the speed improvement is simply the ability to get all of your data from one server instead of scattering yourself across 3-4 different sources to complete a web-page. fonts.googleapis.com was pushing cookies out which is unacceptable to me. So they go bu-bye! Web Isolation - Lightbeam report of cookies linked to S-Config.wp.com(for Jetpack and spam control) and Gravatar (Only visible if you are regularly logged into WordPress for icon support) are the only cookies exchanged initially on this site. Facebook and twitter cookies may appear in individual blog posts like this one simply to check how many people liked and re-tweeted my blogs (every little bit of advertisement helps kids!)


Goodbye Linden Labs, thanks for the fish!

OSGrid New Home on Furry Isle.The "Second Life" section of my blog has now been replaced with "Metaverse" as Linden Labs keeps making dumb decision after dumb decision. That 3-d interfacing isn't just a "Second Life" thing anymore. With the help of groups like OpenSim and the free Grid services out there it simply makes more sense to cater to a wider audience then just Second Life itself.


It has been decided to place one ad on the bottom of my site. And only the web-host provider this site runs on and that is it. In accordance to Ad-Blocks "Acceptable Ads" policy I made it conform to those guidelines as best as possible. I receive no direct compensation for placing that advertisement there. The only thing I might get out of it is discounted and/or free web-hosting depending on how many people sign up.

Direction of S-Config within web isolation:

I would like to try to boost the art side of my site some more. And I think I'll start more with game mods as people hit that section rather often. If there was a larger selection of models to download then people would really be interested as to what is going on around here. That this site is more than a tech blog. I haven't gotten sick of this blog at all. In fact, it has given me focus as to what to do next.
As always, thank you for checking out this blog.
Server protect you.

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