Two dollar keyboard.

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We were at the local Goodwill as it's something I used to do a ton when working with Xbox Controllers but something caught my eye in the rack of keyboards. A legit RedDragon keyboard that had a price tag of $2.00 (USD)

Well then...

This article is going to be a little short and sweet boys, girls, Androids and AI.

RedDragon keyboard get!

RedDragon Kumara K552W-N-001

Now, we weren't even thinking this keyboard is going to work for the cost of $2 (okay, after taxes and rounding up it was $3.00 USD). We figured we'll plug it into a PC and just do nothing. Probably salvage it for its mechanical switches for future projects.

To our surprise. This keyboard powers up, types, and is reasonably clean coming right off of the rack! The only thing that was a little bizarre was the keys were all flipped all over the place like someone was trying to clean it. Got frustrated and instead of going online to see how the layout was. Just said "Fuck it" and gave it to Goodwill.

Of course, we have other theories on how it ended up here.

RedDragon Kumara K522W-N-002.jpg

  • Bring your mechanical keyboard to office day. Everyone gets pissed because they're OUTEMU blue mechanicals that are loud as fuck. Can't return it on Amazon.
  • The keyboard is not blingy enough! Needs more blinding RGB LEDs.
  • ¬†End-user really missing that Num-Pad.

So, even if this keyboard the RedDragon Kumara K522W-N was discounted on the RedDragons site to $20. It's still a steal.

03/18/2023 Aaaaaaand it's gone!

Hah! Spoke too soon! A friend is going to college and wants a keyboard for their laptop. Off it goes! Told them if it breaks don't get too mad as it was only $2.

Final thoughts.

As from our previous article, we are a bit of a fan of RedDragon because there's no bloatware and you get what you paid for. Just wanted to write this up to let people know to always check out the thrift store every now and then as it may surprise you. Money goes to a good cause and hardware gets a second chance at life. Most of the people we know within our physical reach already have alright keyboards. We would have kept it around as a good bench keyboard but we got plenty of those. Even if the controller on a keyboard was dead we would've extracted the mechanical keys for another arduinodeck style project.

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