Return of post apocalyptic girl.

I am the apocalyptic girl:

The blood along my thin hands and frame flow cold and absolute as I walk amongst this baron land, I see people on their knees praying to their gods, I look up hoping that they'd come down with a hand and help them as they prophesy states, so I can slit the wrist of the helping hand itself, so that I can bathe and taste the blood of their beloved Savior, and watch the minds of their worshipers minds and bodies crumble like the lands they inhabit.

I met a man once in a gas station, I remembered him because he wouldn't sell me cigarettes when I was going to school, I could taste his terror as I ran the blade along with the bullet-proof glass he was hiding behind. Oh, he had a pistol, but he knew that's not enough to save him from me, it certainly wasn't enough for his brothers, for my wrath and my knife are absolute my dark veined hands guide well across their throats, snip ....snip... snip.... snip... drip... snip...drip... snip.. one piece of their flesh falls at a time. as I stare at him for hours, days, feasting upon the flesh of the corpses in front of him, I asked him to bring his god here, I wanted to see his god, I want the miserable soul to call its maker. nothing happened, so I set the roof on fire.. and watched.

I stood just on the otherwise of the bulletproof glass and gave him a choice, become a disciple and face me. or be cleansed from this earth from the fire.. he stayed in his self-made prison screaming until his weary life existed no more. such a disappointment and a waste of perfectly good food.

I was stopped by the changed, insects, those which lived beyond the fate of my wretched kind.. they wanted me to show me their god. I followed them to their temple, where the mantis profit gave people a kiss, that through his kiss that they could see god. They didn't know I could see that they were really doing, that they were draining life so they can put their spawn in the husks.. I can tell by the sounds, the sounds of their eggs sliding from their mandibles and into their mouths. I asked their profit if he knew god. he admitted it. I was so excited I blacked out.. the room filled with blood. they stopped inched from my throat, but I was faster. an insect's weakness is their compassion, they should've learned from their ancestors. they all stand around me, they can't touch me. I clean my knife, tasting their strange blood. and then cut myself, enticing them to come for me. I wanted them to look me in the eyes and make me happy, I wanted them to do something that would bring me joy. but the living leaves this realm once again, as I watch the remainder life surely fade, as I took their limbs and made them break.

The new future is filled with so many sheep, and my only concern is I hope I can find some more black lipstick, and a new game-boy to play while sitting on a mound of their corpses.

Villagers in white robes came up to me after a while, proclaimed me as their savior, that I was sent by god. I stood in the center of their village as I bare witness to their primal enjoyment of sexual deviance and excessive drinking. they all went back into the abandoned cars which they slept in, I still stood there.. watching them all return to the heaps.. they are not people, they are junk.. and junk is meant to be broken. I took great joy straddling each one of them, as I push myself down onto them, riding their souls out from them as I thrust deeper, twisting my blade around while I watch their life fade away. I let a few life, as a goddess I gave them their wish, I placed them on two planks of wood and hung them upside down. removing their genitalia so that they are free from being human, replacing it with feathers of their tainted livestock, they are now my angels which shall follow me throughout the land as they ascend from their form onward. I did the one thing God couldn't have done for these people. I saved them, and I got some beef jerky out of it in return. maybe even trade some of it for a studded leather boddess.

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