Oh hello!

How’s your script doing?

You have probably reached this page because there’s a file that you think you’re going to get. Or, some important tid-bit about the blogger who runs this site. So, instead of filling up my error logs we’ve placed you right into a part of out blog which will hopefully help you out. Now, if you thought you were a cool kid and were using your scripts to hack some sweet sweet information. I got something for you as well. Check out our FAQ. I will tell you all about my server information. Easy peasy. Lemon Linguini!

Username: admin
Password: 12345

Go get your dream! DREAM!

But keep using Kali Linux BTW! Secure yourself online!

We may do something more creative in the future here. But for now have a sitemap:

Blog of S-Config.







Recent Posts within sitemap:

Until next time. Server protect you.


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