We love you Infochammel!

This is a bit different as it started off as a commission but the artist known as "Davy Force" also gave me a Powerscreen afterward. So in essence this post is both a commission AND gift art at the same time!

Original Artists website: davyforce

Artists project: Infochammel

The commission:

Davy Force is a video editing genius who uses his editing techniques in their state art. We originally wanted to support Davy with his project known as "Infochammel"

We purchased a "Classifried X" Ad and unbelievably it still plays on Twitch's Teleborg to this very day! In fact, we've never met such a nice community as Infochammel. It may have started off as a personal art project but it's evolved into something more for me. Positive vibrations, all the colors. and Hair Furhner. We're not sure if we'll be around for 11,000 like Infochammel is aiming to be. But for as long as possible we will display this art proudly on our sure.

The gift art:

as an expanded bonus, Davy Force also made a Powerscreen for us based on one of our rants about how purple stuff has been getting a bad rap from Sunny D.

Powerscreen from Infochammel!


We should draw Jacob sometimes. As he's a Legal Lemur that can only handle the lemons like none other. And representing purple stuff too!

Anyhow, thank you so much for the gift art Infochammel/Davy Force. It seriously means a lot and it makes me smile every time we see it.


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