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About Riot Ornitz

Human avatars; My account was generated 09/30/2005 which the reason why I joined back then was actually the first months where second life was free to play and in fact was the very short window where they kept giving out 50L a week (Which I still get that 50L each and every day) and since then I have gone through many generations or what some people on SL call M.A.D. (Multiple Avatar Disorder) I shall break down each of the avatars that I have had during my time online.

Gen 0 - HumanRiot Ornitz of Second life Gen 0 Human avatar.

They say that everyone has to start somewhere, so I minus well start from the beginning. Back in 2005 there simply was no n00b starter pack that people get nowadays. You had two choices, a male and a female character, and that was it. The only other good news is that you at least started with 500 lindens if you completed the tutorial, which helped you at the very least buy a starter avatar. Which I didn't do right away and in fact stayed a human for almost 3 months of my time on SL because simply put I did not want to have some happy-go-lucky avatar!

My human avatar pretty much looked like an overly tall and even more creepy version of Sephiroth from Final Fantasy with black and red eyes. My experience as a human-made me see the reverse discrimination that happens within the furry culture. It's very rare when that happens. But depending on the environment you enter if you are not wearing a furry avatar within the Second Life environment that you aren't really viewed as an intelligent person.

The person that helped me build on Second Life said this about its build interface

[quote] Building in Second Life is a lot like anal sex. It may work for everyone, but it's messy![/quote]

Despite the crudeness of this statement, he was right about it. Secondlife building is both simple and complex at the same time. and building an avatar is nothing you can do overnight as avatar building is something that requires all of your skills such as texturing, modeling, scripting and so-on.

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