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If you have left a comment on one of our blogs. Then that comment will be in moderation status. Don't worry!  This is just a precaution to keep the spammers out of the system! It usually takes less than 24 hours to approve a comment. E-mails will not be displayed publicly to prevent reverse spamming you. If you used a fake e-mail or alias we understand and value that privacy. You however may not receive a response e-mail in case of return comments if you used a fake e-mail. In this case, you will ultimately have to check back on the blog you commented on to see if there is a response.

Website links.

We are aware that people will fill out the optional website link upon sending their comments. If the website is legit then we have zero problems in providing back-links to your site. The website linking however will be heavily monitored and may be removed if they resolve to addresses that do not exist or if there is insufficient data.

Confirmation e-mails:

You will NOT get a confirmation e-mail if you submit a comment or use the contact form. Many spammers use confirmation e-mails as a proxy to spam you the user. Even though confirmation is disabled. If you got this page then we will see it don't you worry!


The following comments and/or contact forms will not receive a response:

  • Solicitation of services and goods that were not asked for. (I.E. Hard-Selling)
  • Auto-generated spam. (Unless it's highly entertaining! We appreciate a good AI-generated joke!)
  • Threats, Doxing, and other illegal activities. (Depending on the nature those will be forwarded unquestionably to the authorities)
  • Abusive commentary. (As mentioned in our FAQ you're trying to convince us to actually READ your comments!)
  • Non-English text (Translation services are good but Google Translator makes it difficult to help especially with support issues.)
  • Link spamming in the hopes of gaining low-quality backlinks. (Don't be a trashy SEO sales rep)
  • Out-of-scope questions such as support with the software are not mentioned in any of our blog articles such as games. (Game developers often have their own forums to which questions can be addressed.)

Provided we have an answer for you we shall attempt to respond within 24 hours after the contact form or comment has been submitted. If you have received an answer within 24 hours you may submit the comment and/or contact form again.

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