Metaverse landing page of Riot Ornitz

Riot Ornitz welcomes you to the metaverse division of the S-Config site.

This page is the landing spot if you clicked on the profile tab of Riot Ornitz. Or, you decided to venture forth in the Text section of this website. A lot of things in this category deal with my adventures within the world of Second Life. I guess this would be classified as a second generation metaverse engine for the furry community (I guess Furcadia would be the first generation metaverse, which is laughable in itself. However, I was never apart of Furcadia for any length of time) and thus will be my personal experience for everything that is second life.

As mentioned in this article. It is very easy to access things on my site through the profile tab of whatever second life client you are using without ever leaving Second Life to open up an external browser.

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