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You went too far. You pushed past the mirror only to find that you are still at level 0. The core which everything begins and ends. The world spiraling out of control from your fingertips. Leaving the only thing in this empty space is a pan of Lasanga sputtering tomato sauce on the floor in order to utter sentience from its pasta-ridden lips. Desperately attempting to warn you however it, unfortunately, cannot form vowels in a coherent manner. A neon-numbered sign “404” would have given you peace of mind that you were at the very least lost. This uneasy feeling is normal when you entered this page.  Gravity becomes real as the floor makes contact with our faces forcing us to take immediate corrective action on matters such as these.

Do not be alarmed. We are here to help you.

In the year of our multi-armed host pod 20a9. Know that even in this void state comfort can be acquired for less. There’s a humanoid form screaming behind these words however despite the movement of their lips only a 19Khz tone emanates from their general vicinity. This is because the creature was trying to convince you to lather yourself in silicone lubricant and climb into a series of garbage bags representing the womb of post-consumerism. No cheeseburgers to be handed out because there is a raccoon in your stomach. All of this stopped for both your pleasure and at the expense of millions within the same breath.

This was necessary to keep the L-clutch from dislodging from the home position and forcing you to live your life as a 16-year-old schoolgirl named “Sarah”.Which is a decent human being except she’s coping with her supposed friends that will eventually drop her off at the side of the road and take his boyfriend away. Resulting in her joining the French Foreign Legion to learn some skills desperately required to right the situation of her childhood years.

Sudden calmness.

Now it’s just clouded. Catching the dreams throughout time reminding you that there’s a graceful exit from this plane of existence. Alternate timelines and dimensions can be scary because they are random. They don’t always have to be terrible. This time around there’s a sense of civility resulting in your safe exit. An information kiosk lights in the corner of your consciousness bringing forth any questions you may be experiencing within this present time-space with a warning that it may not apply to all.

Blog of S-Config Title.




You can return to where this all began before you were cast astray from the winds of the digital net. We will still love you either way. The wind wishes to have a word as well but we’re out of time. Refunds are located outside of this gate. Thank you for your understanding.

S-Config Logo

xjfbpuj56rdazx4iolylxplbvyft2onuerjeimlcqwaihp3s6r4xebqd.onion – Alternate exits are available to the wicked and brave.


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