Zero tolerance towards violence.


You hear people in cities throw the tolerance slogan around all of the time. Especially when someone gets gunned down. Or just beaten to death. Someone who blows up another apartment complex. Or decides to commit vehicular homicide. The famous words of every politician started from middle school principles to mayors of cities is ”

We have a zero tolerance and no exceptions towards violent behavior

– The average MPS school principle.

No one ever pauses to question that perhaps the policy is part of the problem. That if people aren’t allowed to commit violence upon each other then it all starts to boil up. Until it eventually cannot be controlled anymore. Something which could’ve been handled in a regulated cage fight fist-a-cuffs now is escalated into a full out assault upon your local police station because the individual cannot take it anymore. Cannot take the stupidity, the mediocrity. the shit that this world dishes out.

In Wisconsin we still have places called ‘Arenas’ in our major metropolitan areas. So it isn’t that far of a stretch to restore and re-purpose them for usage. Of course I’ll probably get some twig chewing hippie telling me that I’m some knuckle dragging thug for even thinking this way. To which I can say “Well, the way of pacification isn’t really working. If it was we wouldn’t see death all of the time in the news. ”

We live in a civilized society!

Oh yeah? Have you watched how people eat? Or stand in line at the supermarket? Society erodes when the mechanization of technology replaces the touch of a caring being.

Another excellent example of culture failure is speed limits. They’re all over the place. cops use them to line the pockets of their departments. yet people build hot-rods and speed machines regardless. Without an outlet to demonstrate their power (like the Milwaukee Mile which is already built!) they instead use public roads to test their skill and their abilities. Going fast is also a warriors virtue. If you can catch something, you can kill it.

and i suppose the statement that you could say at the beggining of your DMZ raceway, and your arena match. to keep it in historic reference is as follows:

To those who are about to die, we salute you.

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