Would YOU like to take a survey?

I survey for me? You shouldn’t have. No really.

Hey everyone I am doing a survey! I have to write a paper for one of my classes about a subculture. Of course, I thought of my furry friends! If you could find it in your heart to answer a few questions, it would really help me out. They are open-ended questions, so you can answer as big or little as you want. It’s not exactly a deep, thought provoking survey, but it covers the scope of my assignment.

My usual mailing list didn’t get enough responses by itself, so I’ve spread out to a few others. I hope you guys can help. Responses can be sent to my school address: *e-mail does not matter to anyone


[quote] What is the furry species you most identify with?[/quote]

[quote] How and when did you realize you were a furry?[/quote]

You’re under the assumption that it is something that you can simply turn on and off like a switch. That you wake up one day and go “ohh, I think I’ll be a furry to grab the attention of friends and family. And afterwards I’ll go be a Goth the next day.” Anyone which operates this way they are attention whores which deserve to be ritualistically ridiculed for the rest of their lives until they kill themselves or grow the fuck up!

A pity you didn’t ask “Why did you associate yourself to the furry fandom?” because you might have gotten a more legit answer.

[quote]What do you like most and least about being a furry?[/quote]

What I like, is the fact that we can have this animals, smoke, drink, endure endless wars, build beautiful civilizations and generate horrific dystopian empires creating the embodiment of sin. That with the application and usage of animals within a story environment we in turn analyze our own humanity and question if we could really tolerate another sentient race upon this earth. Don Bluth put it best when he discussed the “Secret of Nimh” in the late 90’s during a review on animation. On how even though the character, Mrs. Brisby was a mouse; That Americans drew an attachment to the character because Mrs. Brisby demonstrated qualities of humanity that we liked within our own culture. It captured the attention of Americans because it isin’t a human mother trying to survive. But a little mouse showing all of the traits of a mother, fighting nature, science and technology all at the same time.

Yet, dispite all of these marvelous feats, It seems the only thing this fandom can do is squander their characters. They make a fur-suit but what is the story behind it? What separates the personality of one fursuitor from another? This fandom is creatively bankrupt and only clings onto what their definition of ‘normal’ is. Mediocrity is rewarded while being unique or different within this fandom is severely punished. That is what I despise the most of being a furry. To many, it is nothing but a frat party at times. And you end up with a hell of a lot of “Henny Penny” mentality within the culture.

As for that jack-ass on fox-news defending AnthroCon saying that “Sex is only a minor part of this fandom” pfft! Be real! Don’t’ believe me? Go to rabbit valley publishing, (the primary distributor of furry media) and count the adult rated content from all ages. The numbers won’t lie to you.

From the hypocrisy , cult-like mentality, and the mantra that they believe their bleeding edge when in reality they’re just conforming to their newly founded normality. It makes me sick, and I ask myself at every event, at every convention “is this it? is this all that’s left?” Needless to say I don’t go to furry conventions no more.

[quote] Do you wear fursuits in non-furry public?[/quote]

Do you paint up your face when you turn on the television to watch the football game? What the hell kind of question is that?!?!? You’re assuming that everyone who takes your survey has a fursuit. You idiot! The correct phrasing of this question is “Do you own a fursuit? And if so, Do you wear your fursuit in a non-furry environment?” I hope your professor docks even MORE points off of your report because of this!
[quote]Do you go to furry conventions?[/quote]


[quote]Do you wear fursuits at furry gatherings?[/quote]

What the FUCK is your hang-up with fursuits?!?!? Seriously!!!!! Do you want to be gang-raped by a giant wolves with a strap-ons or something? For fuck sake if your professor gives you anything more than a C- then I’ve lost all faith in the college educational system.

[quote] Are there non-furries who accept your lifestyle? How do they support it?[/quote]

Lifestyle? Something tells me this survey is addressed only to a certain sect of this fandom. As Furry is not a lifestyle to me. It’s just a fragment of my life. Mythical animal characters that talk should never consume your life and if it does, then you have some serious mental issues.

Perhaps you mean how my friends accept the notion that I’m a furry? It’s okay, I see your rather inept at doing these survey things so I’ll re-phrase the question for you. It’s an accept it die approach to life. when you’re in your 30’s , and become the most responsible person your family and friends know. There isn’t a whole lot anyone can say to you one way or the other. As long as you pay your taxes, keep a roof over your head, and not emotionally fall apart like a God damned Jenga set then no one can touch you.

[quote]Are there non-furries who do not accept you? How do you deal with them?[/quote]

This depends on how confrontational they get. Usually it’s met with silence. In rare cases it ends in blood.

[quote] Is your significant other furry?[/quote]

My significant other died of Parkinson’s disease before I could ever tell her I was a furry. Thanks for reminding me of those horrible times. $10,000 of psychological therapy gone because of you. You are a horrible person and I’m sure hell has reserved a special spot for people like you.

Nah, I’m just fucking with you. Though honestly, you really should ask if they HAVE a significant other instead of assuming. You could hurt someone!

[quote]Who are your favorite furry characters?[/quote]

Answer: Jack Salem, Drip.

But do you want to know my most favorite furry character of all time?
You really want to know? Here’s the answer:

“ Your mom. “

What? She’s pretty furry you know!

[quote] How did you discover the fur community?[/quote]

Finally! You managed to ask a question without assuming anything on the part of the survey taker! Way to go! Go buy yourself a Klondike bar and pat yourself on the back. For now I’ll give you a serious response.

At a very young age I loved cartoons, couldn’t get enough of them. I really couldn’t. I decided to study animation and design for a little bit. Realized that there was the whole underground comic movement happening in the local head-shops around town back in the day (early 80’s.) and decided that this is where artist that are born go ahead and graduate to making cartoons. After seeing things like Heavy Metal, Rock N’ Rule, Wizards, and Forbidden Planet, even at a young age I knew damn well that cartoons can be for “grownups”. That there’s so many stories that can be told that it’s just the mainstream media which is pushing forward their agenda of mediocrity. With hanna Barbara recycling their characters and creating abominations like the “jetsons meets the flinstones” and let’s not forgot the drug PSA where Simon from Alvin and the Chipmunks talks to us about marijuana. SERIOUSLY?!? Simon?!? I mean… FUCK… I would’ve thought Alf would’ve been all over that. But Noooo it had to be Simon! Thanks for destroying my childhood quickly so the internet can’t rule 34 me.

But I did find a comic and cartoons I liked. Bucky-o-hare, TMNT , swat-kats, and comics like Critters magazine, Albedo, Usagi Yojimbo, .357 and then I went to the conventions, followed the artists, and I quickly seen what is the birth of the furry fandom right before my
very eyes, I was 3 years shy of seeing the beginning of it all which the furry fandom movement all started in 1989, I went to duck-kon in

[quote] Finally, list all the different species of furries you have ever seen, or at least as many as you can remember.[/quote]

How about I just copy-pasta the entire animal encyclopedia to you? It would probably be easier.

[quote] Is there anything else you would like to say about fur culture?[/quote]

A: The fandom is standing at the crossroads right now. With the saturation of a furry con within 200 miles of every state, and attendance soaring into the thousands the entire furry movement is riding upon a great wave of momentum. However, there’s danger to this
type of swelling and movement. That this is a make or break scenario that the fandom is going to encounter.

My scenario is this – Science Fiction conventions behaved the same way that furries did, they thought nothing could stop them, so long as there was sci-fi movies being made then there will always be sci-fi conventions. Which this was partially true. However, as sci-fi became complacent with their shows, not really inventing anything new simply stealing from other movies and implementing it in their own mini-series. The fandom slowly began to die. The sci-fi movement slowed, and specialty cons, like anime, furry, steampunk, horror, gaming, etc all popped up in their place. People are geeks and geeks want to hang out with other like minded geeks. Why deal with a dr. who fan when you’re a furry?

The danger is this, Pick up a program book from any convention, go ahead, thumb through the program book and look at the panels. Then go to another furry convention on the opposite side of the states, and pick up their program book. Now, go to YouTube and type in furry convention names, look at the videos. Notice something? If you said “It’s all the same” then go get yourself another Klondike bar you fat fuck! your right! It’s all raves, fursuit parades, and panels. Congratulations, you have found the stagnation of this fandom, and the reason why people will start to leave if it doesn’t change.

And for the record, if you read this far congratulations. Usually the ‘your mom’ comment would be enough for any furry to stop reading. But I’m serious about your professor giving you a C-.

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