AirPlay on my Raspberry Pi

AirPlay on Raspberry Pi - Title.

AirPlay audio only on the Raspberry Pi

Airplay (or in previous revisions from apple this protocol was called “AirTunes”) audio is the ability to transmit audio from your smartphone device (The Apple I-phone does this natively and android users can actually download a plugin protocol for this) to another device which is hooked to a home stereo system. I know there are countless articles talking about how it’s done. But since this is my blog I sometimes use my blog as just a random dump on how I get things going so in case I forget with my countless other projects I don’t have to look for a particular site to show me how to get it working again. It’s just annoying to find a site that talks about it just to have it disappear on you. So! Without further delay, my short little guide on how it is done.

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WinAmp – The end of an era that never really ends.

State of the blog 2022

Amiga Version of WinAmp - AmiAmp

WinAmp’s humble beginnings from this bloggers perspective.

The news of WinAmp has been sending shockwaves with their announcement of finally shutting down the program and closing the doors after 14 years on December 20th, 2013 along with all sister media servers associated with it.  Throughout most of the older internet community and since we haven’t posted a blog update in a while we thought that we should give our views and insights about WinAmp since in a very strange way we had WinAmp even BEFORE we had a PC.

We had a version of WinAmp Called “AmiAmp” for the Commodore Amiga computer which possessed a 68020 processor or better the first MP3 we ever got was on some french server on Lyon that had lots of anime p0rn, but for some reason, they also had “The Cranberries – Salvation” in MP3 format on there. It was the only song on that FTP site. If anyone from the Cranberries is reading this

Relax. We did get the CD a few years later. -S

My Amiga 3000 with a 25Mhz 68030 processor was not strong enough to play the mp3 at 128kps stereo, I could only play it in mono with %100 CPU power.  When we eventually stopped drinking the kool-aid and left the Amiga scene and got a PC we of course got Winamp right away.

Read on to continue our diatribes of old software.

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