Flay / Hyena Colored Art

Flay the Hyena - Title.

Flay the hyena!

What started out as just a simple sketch evolved into completed pictures and 3-d artwork of a character I dubbed “Flay” the Hyena. I was toying with the concept of cel-shading and seeing if I can do shading using only material properties and no special texture UV maps. See the results for yourself. Nearing the end my 3-d program lightwave was making decent hand-colored pictures.

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The Black Book – Sketches from 1998

1998 - Sketches title

Sketches from 1998 – A.K.A. The Black Book.

This is a collection of sketches from my very first black book that I picked up at the MATC university store. The book itself is long since destroyed as the binding was destroyed %80 of the way through the sketchbook. But the individual pages have been scanned and shown here for archival reasons. Beyond that, there is no significant purpose behind the black sketchbook.


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