AirPlay on my Raspberry Pi

AirPlay audio only on the Raspberry Pi

Airplay (or in previous revisions from apple this protocol was called “AirTunes”) audio is the ability to transmit audio from your smart phone device (The Apple I-phone does this natively and android users can actually download a plugin protocol for this) to another device which is hooked to a home stereo system. I know there’s countless of articles talking about how it’s done. But since this is my blog I sometimes use my blog as just a random dump on how I get things going so in case I forget with my countless other projects I don’t have to look for a particular site to show me how to get it working again. It’s just annoying to find a site that talks about it just to have it disappear on you. So! Without further delay, my short little guide on how it is done.

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OpenSIM + Raspberry Pi + Rasbian Hard-Float= WORKs!

OpenSim + Raspian hard-float = What was once broken now works!

A while ago I decided to go into a journey of OpenSim because I liked working offline from SecondLife and I like keeping a backup of my stuff. It’s good to have backups in the event Linden Labs completely fails you. Anyhow! In my past blog about the Raspberry Pi I talked about how I must have fried my Pi from running quake 3 on it overclocked like crazy, and it still maybe the case! but for now I’m not going to use my Pi for accessing it’s GLES capabilities but instead use it to act as a server for OpenSim. Because I do not know the learning curve of the average Pi or OpenSim User; I should note that this guide is going to a bit long and has bits from installing OpenSim as well as compiling all of the sources needed to get OpenSim functioning properly.

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Raspberry Pi – Epic shopping binge!

I want Raspberry Pi now! Can’t wait to bake!

Today I will be purchasing a Raspberry Pi. And my reasons for doing so more-so on the ultra-light PC side of things versus the “build my own robot to destroy the world” type of investment. And just to let everyone know; I’m not going to gloat it’s only $35 like half of the media outlets and advertisement campaigns say it is because that’s kind of a load of crap.

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