Rollerblade office caster wheels – buyer beware!

We purchased a set of Rollerblade office caster wheels.

We picked up a set of these office caster wheels that essentially have Rollerblade wheels on the bottom of them. Why you ask? Initially I wanted skateboard wheels for the bottom of my chair to maintain the aesthetic however those didn’t exist and Rollerblade wheels was the next best thing. Since Rollerblade wheels have a low Shore A rating of around 75A it meant that the polyurethane is soft and thus will not make any noise on hard wood floors. In less then a month of having these I ran into some problems!

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Google, Facebook, Medium, Humanity?

……And so the mask falls off.

When the Cambridge Analytica used a software API to mine for a potential of 50 million accounts from Facebook which was later sold off to various political parties. The public relation bombshell on the social platform may have shocked some. However, our reaction was not of disgust or shock. But instead of complete indifference. It only confirms what we knew already. That Facebook manipulates its user base in a horrific psychological manner in order to attain a profit. Now you’re getting Ex-CEO’s coming out stating that what they did is horrible trying to apologize to the public. To which the only thing we say to their comments is:

Apology denied!

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Spam dissection – Episode 003

Welcome to Spam and SEO dissection episode 3!

Oh boy oh boy I haven’t done a spam dissection in a while! We typically do these once a year or so because spam generally takes a while to cycle out their sales pitches! For those new to our blog spam dissection is where we show you all of the terrible shit that comes into your typical WordPress users spam box. Then we turn around and make fun of it all. As fun as the A.I. Generated texts are that make you think that you’re on “Feminute” with Infochammel we’re not going to do those. But if we find a few we might post as honorable mentions! From scammers to spammers this is the section of our site where we let them have a voice and answer their questions without giving them the credit they think they deserve by embedding links to their websites.

Interesting note: No spam articles were ever posted to Spam dissection episodes 1 and 2. I guess they don’t like it when you make fun of them! Lets keep doing it!

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Net Neutrality – Both options are failures.

It’s time for S to throw opinions down on a very boring subject.

Imagine that net-neutrality for a moment is a type of government. You as a citizen are given a choice. Either choose communism, or totalitarianism with just some sprinkles of cronyism. You are told that by masses of highly influential people to go with communism because it’s the lesser of two evils. Of course in this scenario you ask yourself:

Isn’t there a better choice? – S

Oh shit, now the glares are setting in. The shaming from your peers and friends begin to kick in as well. Read onward if you wish to hear rando-furry shouting at the clouds.

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Where’s the fair use Youtube?

Lets go into further Detail as to why we “walked away” from YouTube.

YouTube at the time of this posting is the number 1 video service that the entire internet goes to for all of it’s user created content media needs. There was a time where even I used it. I have now host almost all of my video blogs locally. This decision was mostly for a different problem dealing with links dying/moving around. But lately another problem has come up dealing with a tactic known as “Content Citation.” YouTube even hit me over a demonstration video we wanted to show to people who responded to this blog. That one of my hacks indeed does work.

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Website – Online year round.

Your website is important boys and girls.

It’s time to sit down and have a conversation about websites. Although hardly qualified to talk about such matters there seems to be a running problem that I have seen when surfing the net over and over again. Which simply put, no one really puts forth the time/effort into their website. We are guilty of this as well at so to those who think I’m being hypocritical:

Yeah, you’re totally right.


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Welcome to Hyper Aggression!

Aggression stream go!

Lately, I’ve been getting some e-mails and some comments that the best way to put it would be categorized as pure aggression.  That everything that you read/hear/think has to be placed into this blurry red haze of anger where you can no longer control your hands as they smash keyboards, LCD screens, your grandma, clones of your grandma until you are downing in a pool of your grandmas blood screaming your last breath for more. Blacking out into a coma only to wake from a cold sweat to repeat this vicious cycle once more!

Read on to see more rant-level action.

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Of Gods and Men.

Gods are we.


Okay, with a rather epic subject title of “Gods” like that I’d have to pretty much justify why I’m thinking of stuff like that at 3am. fingers half frozen and listening to which right now is more like chillstep then anything. No wub at all, reminds me of listening to the band XXYYXX (i’ll insert into the title of this rant) . But I’ll save that for another rant.

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