OpenSIM + Raspberry Pi + Rasbian Hard-Float= WORKs!

OpenSim + Raspian hard-float = What was once broken now works!

A while ago I decided to go into a journey of OpenSim because I liked working offline from SecondLife and I like keeping a backup of my stuff. It’s good to have backups in the event Linden Labs completely fails you. Anyhow! In my past blog about the Raspberry Pi I talked about how I must have fried my Pi from running quake 3 on it overclocked like crazy, and it still maybe the case! but for now I’m not going to use my Pi for accessing it’s GLES capabilities but instead use it to act as a server for OpenSim. Because I do not know the learning curve of the average Pi or OpenSim User; I should note that this guide is going to a bit long and has bits from installing OpenSim as well as compiling all of the sources needed to get OpenSim functioning properly.

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