Furry Amino – Mixed Review

Furry Amino: Drink your Kool-Aid dietary supplement!

Here comes yet another chat system promising to bring the world together one community at a time which that system is called “Furry Amino” which you’ve probably heard a lot of “YouTube Peoples” talk about and the admins of this system seem pretty keen on its users to give a review so guess what? I’m going to give you just that my unfiltered review about the latest and theoretical greatest in mobile technology which is Furry Amino. Lets just say Furry Amino is a bit of a mixed bag.

Oh damn, disclaimer time!

Disclaimer: The following review is the opinions of the blogger on s-config.com and do not reflect nor represent the entire community opinions of Furry Amino or the entirety of the furry community. S-Config.com is not responsible for any physical, emotional, or financial damage that could theoretically occur while exercising our countries 1st amendment rights of free speech.

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