What the hell twitch?

Dear Twitch streamers,

We’re sorry to write up an article like this about twitch. But we’re here to inform you that you as a watcher and a streamer are human. Not machines! This may come as a shock to some of you out there. However, we urge you to please refrain from reaching up to pull the umbilical chord from your esophagus. It hurts really bad! 

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Spam dissection – Episode 003

Welcome to Spam and SEO dissection episode 3!

Oh boy oh boy I haven’t done a spam dissection in a while! We typically do these once a year or so because spam generally takes a while to cycle out their sales pitches! For those new to our blog spam dissection is where we show you all of the terrible shit that comes into your typical WordPress users spam box. Then we turn around and make fun of it all. As fun as the A.I. Generated texts are that make you think that you’re on “Feminute” with Infochammel we’re not going to do those. But if we find a few we might post as honorable mentions! From scammers to spammers this is the section of our site where we let them have a voice and answer their questions without giving them the credit they think they deserve by embedding links to their websites.

Interesting note: No spam articles were ever posted to Spam dissection episodes 1 and 2. I guess they don’t like it when you make fun of them! Lets keep doing it!

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YouTube – Round 2 – Censorship fight!

Oh man I can’t just leave YouTube alone!

I have already published an article a while back about how YouTube’s practices are terrible in terms of content creators with the classical slogan of “Where’s the fair use?” Now for those who care you can check out that article before this one. But normally a company that does something inherently flawed and against its content creator base would attempt to fix the problem they started. At least I thought that was happening due to the last copyright claim that we fought (and won) on YouTube. But YouTube has decided instead of cooling down the situation that instead they’re going to add some gasoline to the mix!

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previously, previously

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Spam dissection – Episode 001

Welcome to Spam and SEO dissection episode 1!

Welcome one and all to the first episode of spam dissection where YOU yes the lucky reader get to read some of the every day crap that comes into both my contact forms box as well as the replies on some of my more popular threads . These spammers and “SEO Geniuses” are desperately trying to use my website as a means of pimping things like Russian brides, drugs, knock-off Chinese clothing and other things you normally find on the dark-net. Anyone who has ever had a mailto: link. Or on the receiving end of a contact form is more then familiar as to what is coming next. Now replies with just web-links will be discarded as there is nothing much to really say about it.


We just want to say that every real message we get on our contact forums and in no way would we openly mock messages in the public light. Many of the e-mails I will be presenting to you are blatant spam and chances are many other sites have received the same message. If you are a spammer which is somehow easily offended (does that even exist?) then you may want to stop reading right now. This article is a rant/vent article and should not be taken seriously.

Enter when ready.

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Saftey First! – It’s all for the lulz

Saftey First?

(BLAHBLAH COMPANY) needs your help! We’re holding a friendly contest to see if someone out there can come up with a great safety related slogan that we can use to help drive us towards a company culture that promotes Saftey First!

I think every company eventually does this where they hold a raffle for something that really should be paid for by a professional. A lot like how a city flag is built it’s something that really should be left to designers.

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Message of Thought Control.

Your thought is public domain the moment it comes from your mouth!

I would like to say one very short message about thought control. In many fandom’s a message that seems to cause a bit of drama in the artistic community and to me is the biggest level of lazy “Henny Penny” entitlement mentality and it’s vastly disturbing. The sentiment is as follows:

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