I-Pac controller rewired – v2

I-PAC Controller V2 - Title

I-Pac controller in a new case with cleaner wiring.

When I first started this blog I created a posting about how I could build a better controller for Stepmania by using a device called an I-Pac. In the MAME community the I-Pac does what modern day mechanical keyboards do by assigning each key its own interrupt onto a micro-controller giving you the absolute fastest response between your joystick and your PC. The only way you could go any faster then this device is by bypassing the USB bus all together and wiring your controller via GPIO onto something like a Raspberry Pi.


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A better “Dance Dance Revolution / Stepmania” Mat Controller with I-PAC!

DDR Dance Pad Controller - Title

Stepmania + Pads + I-PAC = solid response times!

StepMania love coming at you! This is a quasi blog and guide on how I got my dance pads to work good with StepMania thanks to the I-PAC, just keep in mind that my solution is not the cheapest in the world but then again I was not going for cheap. I was going for a solid solution when I moved my pads from PC to PC. Lets Begin. 

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