Return of post apocalyptic girl.

I am the apocalyptic girl:

The blood along my thin hands and frame flow cold and absolute as I walk amongst this baron land, i see people on their knees praying to their gods, i look up hoping that they’d come down with a hand and help them as they prophecy states, so i can slit the wrist of the helping hand itself, so that i can bathe and taste the blood of their beloved savior, and watch the minds of their worshipers minds and bodies crumble like the lands they inhabit.

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I am the post apocalyptic girl

Diaries of the post apocalyptic girl.

I am the post apocalyptic girl. I can feel the energy coming off of the satellites above me, calling out for their masters, I wish i can shut them up, tell them that their masters are dead, and they’re as isolated as i am. the survivors don’t understand why i wear high-heeled boots.

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