Archived – Xposed installer for Ouya v2.1.4

This post is here to archive the old procedure of Xposed for Ouya 2.1.4

If you have stumbled onto this page because the xposed framework is what you need to root your Ouya and this page is here only for historial reasons. Click here for the updated documentation on rooting your Ouya.

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Ouya Support – Google Play login

I cannot log into Google Play! Every time I do it attempts to connect and then just hangs out the loading page!

Sometimes with Google Play, you will also experience the 920 error during downloads as well. This happens predominantly because Google changed their UI and upgraded their layout and the Ouya is not smart enough to detect and auto-upgrade google play like it should especially with older frameworks loaded.

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Ouya Support – Google Play Failure

I rooted my Ouya, but after an update from Ouya my Google Play failure and stops working! All of my rooted background service stop working! Ouya is blocking what I’m doing

Google Play failure after a major update to your Ouya is actually by design. When you root your Ouya and the Ouya company detects that you have rooted your device it will push a full update to your Ouya instead of a partial. As a rooted user it has no idea what you were doing in the ADB console (or in some of the scripts made by other peoples APKs) or what sort of mods you have done to the Android OS which Ouya Sits on top of.

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