SketchBooks of 2017 – 2018

Sketchbooks of 2017 and 2018 title.

It has been too long for sketches.

A lot has changed in our life in the past year. Learning new things, and leaving an old abusive life behind has helped in focusing better on what kind of person we should be. But throughout the past two years, I have still tried to keep going with art. At the same time, acknowledge the fact that I haven’t overly improved. I’m at least still trying. These sketches were made between a few sketchbooks depending on the locale we were at at the time.

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Xela the Cat – Stepmania Character

Xela Cat Stepmania Character.

Xela the Cat – for Stepmania

Xela the cat is a revamp of a character for Stepmania that I had on my hard drive for a while that I decided to push it out to the net. Compatible with Stepmania 5.0 (If you don’t mind the randomizes instead of actually CHOOSING your character) and of course backward compatible with Stepmania 3.9.

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Hellcat the feline

Hellcat Title.

Hellcat the feline.

Hellcat was another bit of a production I did in mid 2000’s trying to focus more of coloring and style. once again, from a profile sheet to poses sketch out to the final creations colored in Photoshop and rendered in Lightwave. This one I spent a bit of time on as it was one of my characters for the longest time in the 90’s. A lot of drawsings I could not calculate how long it took me. But I do know the background that was rendered out in LightWave took about 7 hours to do because I had it rendering at 600dpi.

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