PS3 Third Party a.k.a. The P3 Controller

Ouya vs. the P3 Knock Off Controller Title.

The PS3 (Playstation) Third Party P3 Controller.

For those who do not play much on eBay there was a lot of issues with purchasing controllers for the PlayStation 3 in regards to china making a ton of knock off controllers. These third-party or P3 controllers looked like a Sony PlayStation 3 controller except that if you ever picked one up and start pressing the buttons or pushing the analog stick around you know that there is something not quite right with them.

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Ouya Support – Bluetooth Discovery

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Bluetooth Discovery: Ouya does not automatically find the new Bluetooth device I just purchased for it!

Ouya Bluetooth Discovery Screen - Ouya Support Third Party HardwareOuya (more specifically the Android OS) will not automatically find any new Bluetooth device that you plugin via Bluetooth discovery. In some cases it won’t even find a brand new Ouya Controller unless you go into the pairing menu under MANAGE > CONTROLLERS . But for other devices such as Bluetooth keyboards, Bluetooth mice, etc you will need to go into¬†MANAGE > SYSTEM > ADVANCED then select Bluetooth ¬†in the advanced settings menu. Click on SEARCH FOR DEVICES in the upper right-hand corner of the screen and that will tell your Ouya to place your bluetooth in ‘discovery mode’ to find new devices until you the user pairs one up and then the Ouya takes itself out of discovery mode.

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Ouya Support – Bluetooth Lag

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Bluetooth Lag: My Ouya Bluetooth joysticks are slow to respond!

Bluetooth lag is possible one of the most complained and criticized issues with the Ouya console. If you don’t have good joystick response time then your not a gaming console. Ouya could have done a slightly better job at giving the Bluetooth controllers a larger antenna on the inside as they have the room for it. I have heard some people stating that they have to tip the Ouya onto its side in order to get a better signal. If that is myth or not is to be debating, however tipping over your Ouya does not really hurt anything and if it works for you then good!

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