Teletext Mayhem.

Teletext is REAL! Even in the future-past of 20A7!

There is better sites out there that would give you an accurate description of Teletext. Like I could link you the Wiki right here . We stumbled upon this form of art when doing research on InfoChammel which is Public/Private cable access gone completely insane (In a good way). But a short summary for those who don’t want to go clicking around is teletext was a graphical and information standard developed in the UK during the 1970’s as a means of delivering content and information over the air. It didn’t really take off in America due to too many fights over how the standard of Teletext should be displayed. Read on if you would like to know more.

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PNG and JPG Compression – Part 2

PNG and JPEG Optimization Title for Blog entries

Some more hot PNG and now JPG compression fun!

A while back I did a quick article about PNG compression. Looking back on it. We have to admit that it was a rather weak and lackluster approach to compression. We could easily go back and amend our newest discoveries but the discussion of compression expands into multiple formats. So lets dive right into what’s going on with this site and probably every WordPress generated site in existence and why compression is all around good for you.


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Sketches human and furry from 2013

Sketch Book 2013 title.

The mixed Sketches of 2013

Introducing my brand new book “from 2013” which is simply a black book.  I will be throwing a lot of rough drafts of fur and miscellaneous crap into! This time with a lot of blue pencil as well as Sumi-Ink coming later. The sketches in this book are purely for practice and to show people out there that I am still alive and thinking of art.

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Jimbi Sketch to color with Paint Tools Sai

Jimbi Colored in Paint Tool Sai Title.

Jimbi sketch to color

This Jimbi sketch is one of the quick things I did and was the first page in my 2013 sketch book. I’ve decided to try something a little different by using a different program for coloring called ‘Paint Tools Sai’ Which has a lot of features that I simply could not find in Photoshop.

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Spectra and Tikaani – Color Gifted Art

Spectra and Tikanni Title.

Spectra and Tikaani

It’s not often I do gift art for people. Mostly because people tend to come and go a lot. But Spectra and Tikaani wanted something nice for their first anniversary. With my limited art skill. I gave it what I could. I printed two copies out with them signed just in case. Anyhow, I thought it would be worthwhile to post this up here into my art section.

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Human and Furry Sketches from 2008

Human and Furry Sketches from 2008

Here you will find sketches of my mixed book of 2008. There isn’t a whole lot I did in 2008 but I shall post it anyway for historical purposes. A lot of pencil work with the occasional Sumi-E ink drawings in here as well. This is one of the few times I actually sat down and started to draw more humans as I felt it is something that I should get better at doing. For what it’s worth I posted it for all to see.

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The Green Book – Sketches from 2001

sketch book 2001 - title.

Sketches from 2001 – A.K.A. The Green Book

Here you will find the archive of my sketches from 2001. There is no significance about a green sketchbook except for the fact that it was on sale at the time I purchased it. No matter, here is where you will find a lot of the sketches from the late 2001 era. A lot of this was made when I was going to M.A.T.C. for a while and I had some classes in between and there was a 1 hour delay between classes. so one hour a day for a year, and I filled an entire sketchbook. Most of the sketches within this book were either reference sheets or things that I used to play around with my Sumi-E Ink Pen. As a note, this is part 2 of my green book series and if you would like to go back to the first part you may click here.

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