SketchBooks of 2017 – 2018

Sketchbooks of 2017 and 2018 title.

It has been too long for sketches.

A lot has changed in our life in the past year. Learning new things, and leaving an old abusive life behind has helped in focusing better on what kind of person we should be. But throughout the past two years, I have still tried to keep going with art. At the same time, acknowledge the fact that I haven’t overly improved. I’m at least still trying. These sketches were made between a few sketchbooks depending on the locale we were at at the time.

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In 2017 S will skateboard again.

Skateboard Title.

Picking up the skateboard after almost 20 years is hard!

I should throw in the casual disclaimer that this is going to be a more personal blog about skateboarding. Here it is. Perhaps it’s a state of mid-life crisis that has caused me in 2017 that it’s a good idea to pick up a skateboard again. As a kid, the ability to get a good quality skateboard was a little out of reach and when I had a job I was working so much that skateboarding was just about the last thing on our minds. Physically we were not the dainty little flower back then and with years of being a work-a-holic and being stationary, it didn’t help matters much. However, despite not having the greatest board in the world I was in considerably better health then I am now. Out of just the sake of exercise. Skateboarding was the only “Sport” in the sense that I truly liked it. It didn’t have many rules outside of the simple ones.  

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