The Green Book – Sketches from 2001

sketch book 2001 - title.

Sketches from 2001 – A.K.A. The Green Book

Here you will find the archive of my sketches from 2001. There is no significance about a green sketchbook except for the fact that it was on sale at the time I purchased it. No matter, here is where you will find a lot of the sketches from the late 2001 era. A lot of this was made when I was going to M.A.T.C. for a while and I had some classes in between and there was a 1 hour delay between classes. so one hour a day for a year, and I filled an entire sketchbook. Most of the sketches within this book were either reference sheets or things that I used to play around with my Sumi-E Ink Pen. As a note, this is part 2 of my green book series and if you would like to go back to the first part you may click here.

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