Quote that sums up life now.

Quote of the time for me:

[quote]I am not worried if robots become more like human beings. I will only be worried if human beings end up becoming more like machines[/quote] – Unknown

I want to say this quote was Issac Asimov that was said that when it came to a philosophical debate about artificial intelligence. However, As I watch people in my current job-state. I understand the latter of what this quote is and means now. The point of decay where people don’t even watch or pay attention to the very things that are going on around them. probably because they are being bombarded with so much psi-op propaganda that they simply shut down. Which can be used to the advantage of others. Don’t worry about what is going on in the world. Just place your head in the sand and we’ll tell you when it’s okay to breathe.

I’m not entirely sure about this. However what I do realize is how people simply no longer want to think or do anything. Even their entertainment has been nullified to the lowest common denominator and as I watch this all I just shake my head at this. This is wrong and deep down you know it is too.

An example of this decay is I remembered when my grandparents would plan their summer vacation to their cottage up north in Adams County. Be it that they were the survivors of the great depression they tend to have a fully stocked pantry mostly filled with low degrading foods, rice, canned goods, pretzels. They would go to the store only once a month, and they would take all of the food that is getting low on their shelf life and take it up north with them. all of this in months of planning and preparation.

I listen to how some of you prepare for your vacations. and to be honest some of you plan your vacations in the most reckless way possible. not registering for hotel rooms until the week of the convention, unsure if you get time off from your job or not , because you didn’t bother to take the responsibility to schedule your time off. I remembered one furry I roomed with at FCN that I found at the end of the convention he only had $25 bucks to his name which he gave to some of the artists so they could draw his fursona, a diaper herm blue christian vampire dragon….. yeah chew on that for a moment and I’ll keep going with my story.

He had no intention of paying for his room. nor did he have any intention of helping anyone out, he only got a membership because he was a volunteer and even then he spent most of his time sitting at doorways looking at his computer or telling furies what to do.. he tried that with me and it didn’t go very far. He was at this convention because of impulse, because he was told to be there, (honesty mode activate) because some furs IM’ed him to be at the convention as they wanted a cum-dumpster! Too harsh? Truth sucks doesn’t it?

People are machines, they can be programmed and they can be used and thrown away. I understand now.

And here we are, wondering why there’s so much drama, why we don’t deserve nice things. Shame on me for letting things go this far. But as I’ve grown older I’ve learned my lessons and reassured people that it won’t happen again. however much like my bitching. it solves nothing.


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