Memories, Notes, Story Time!

The Story I have about running a convention business.

The story pertains to a long time ago at a convention many years ago in the very state to which I lived in and helped run. I was sitting out in the Radisson parking lot on a Sunday at around 4pm. The convention was over short of closing ceremonies in a few hours. And the dealers room and artist alley has shut down for the final hour, everyone packing up their stuff in general I felt good about what happened those days before..

But there’s this one lady, in her mid 40’s that was loading up her station wagon with all of her racking and display models. And, right behind her a little child about 6 years old helping with the racking.. It was too big for him to carry, and he’d take a while to get it into the van. There was dead silence whenever she took the racking for her son most of the time. clearly displeased about the sales that occurred at the convention. I remembered her because she sold a lot of anime manga novels and videos. The kid trips up and she scolds the child. Taking out her frustrations on this little boy that obviously looked like he was not having a good time.

To most people. this imagery probably doesn’t effect you as it did me. Because I was that child almost 30 years ago now. Sitting on a parking lot in front of Mt. Olympus Resorts in Oconomowoc during the 80’s. Listening to my mother flip the fuck out about the shitty sales, and anything from me is taken as a slight and will eagerly shoot me down, tell me how miserable i am. Because she couldn’t control her own anger.

I thought of what I could do to help with it.. Perhaps reverse her charges on table fees with money from my own pocket. But when I got close she pretty much wanted nothing to do with me. Even if I insisted I doubt it would’ve changed her attitude towards her son. completely oblivious as to the type of emotional damage she’s doing to him.

Final thoughts.

So in retrospect, I didn’t need FA to tell me that I didn’t do a good job. I knew it that very Sunday simply by walking out of the building. So, I guess if there’s a morale to be had from all of this. It’s if your an artist or dealers, or whatever really! And you have children. Before you get pissed about bad sales, before you blow the fuck up. Think about how it’s going to effect your child.. Because it will. Trust me on this one. And those what witness your actions will get very cold and dead inside, watching you do that to a kid.

That’s all I have to say. And I learned a lesson too! I learned not to participate in that suffering.


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