FMFCL meme.

Have a redundant convention meme that is asked every month!

Meme something special! I made for all of the retards that keep giving out memes about various furry conventions that people are going to and not even giving a shit if your really going on not they still want answers. Well, here they are!

Where are you staying?:
At yo moms house.

What day are you getting there?:

Bitch i’m already here!

How long are you going?:
About 2 hours. and return later for sloppy seconds.

Who will you be with?:

What is your gender?:
Who the fuck do you think you are talking to me that way? I should slap the crap that’s in your head you filthy animal!

How old are you?:
Old enough to be your daddy.

How tall are you?:
I’m afraid I am not at liberty to answer that question. Because I’m too busy being delicious.

What suits will you have?:
I’ll probably have some suits, inside of a body-bag, with razor-wire, a froken turkey, a bottle of KY and a pack of condoms. The Turkey and condoms were on sale at Albertsons; $1.99 for both. Go figure.

Can I touch you?:


Can I talk to you?:

Can I take pictures with you?
Only if your the one who is naked, So I can use it for blackmail or make toddlers commit suicide at the playground you ugly fuck!

Are you nice?:
FUCK YEAH! I’m the nicest guy wearing a Pizza Hut Silkie ever! Yeah that’s right bitches! You KNOW you want to roll the doe and make the sauce with me. AND NO I WON’T PUT AWAY MY HANDGUN! IT MAKES ME FEEL COMFORTABLE WHEN I’M TALKING IN MY TRAILOR!

Can I stalk you?:
Only until it gets the hose again.

Can I buy you lots of drinks?

Only if I get to drown you in the 1 foot deep fountain outside of the hotel.

Can I hug or snuggle you?:
Sure, i’ll drug you and then pump you full of X and leave you in the back-alley of chicago with a Hobo by the name of “Hard-Wong”. He’s German, in case you didn’t see it in the name.

Do you do trades?:
Well, yeah, But only if you got some Ibogane. I’ll be sure to process some morning glory to LSD if you got it.

Do you have an artist table?:… – There ya go

Do you like parties?:
Ohh hell yeah! I espechally like the one with all of the dead hookers in the pool in Vegas.. It was all for this retarded kid and he wanted to be a rock star… and… Fuck you wouldn’t understand.

What should I not do around you?:
Well… Don’t talk about Vegas for one.. and for two, If you’re in the bathroom at my place and I stop the music, do not freak out and smear shit all over the walls and ceiling. I’ve had just about enough of your shit litterally.

If I see you, how should I get your attention?:
Unzip your pants and then just use your hard-on to poke it into my ear. If you’re a chick, use a strap on. and scream at the top of your lungs “I WANT MY MUTHA-FUCKIN CHOCOLATE MILK” like samual jackson. Yeah, that would be about it.

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