Females and Dragons

What’s up with the fantasy story of chicks with dragons?

Thinking about dragons I was in a moment of Zen playing with a Nintendo emulator with my newly hacked Nintendo<=>USB controller for my PC. Because it’s just not civilized to play Nintendo games on a keyboard. And as I go through the Mario bros ROMs. I realized something disturbing.
The princess is abducted frequently by King Bowser. And I decided to take a mental journey as to the perspective of the princess in this matter. And this journey was disturbing, I found myself in this mystical land of mushroom people. I wanted to eat them, but that would set bad precedence, and had to restrain for such action. I was the princess of the land. And then it occurred to me, in a state of almost post-teen-crisis. I realized that I. was royalty.

Understanding that I could only marry TO royalty. But the only guy in the land that I could marry is a giant lizard with lots of power and money. At many of times. This wouldn’t be so bad. But the thing I keep feeling is depression. On one end of the stick. I have a giant lizard… and all he wants is map-control and little n00blets to call his own. The only trade off is, well, he’s a lizard, and a tad on the uncivilized market. And. on the other side. I have two of my own species which I can barely understand through their accents, and they both smell of pizza and septic tanks and like to eat lots of the mushrooms that you’re not supposed to eat. Of course. it’s great to get out once and a while.
Cheat on the king. Afterall. If he finds out… I’ll pretend i was abducted. Play the innocent little girl… and then have them killed. they’re find to play with, but i got kupa’s to look after. The mental journey ends with one, methodical thought. That in this very fantasy world. Females want to be with the lizards. or in this case dragons.
Dragons like it because having females around you is a sort of status symbol. And the chicks like it because they’re filthy rich, strong, and impossible for anyone to mess with. If they want someone dead they just utter the name to them. And depending on whose story you go by.

Like ShadowRun or Rifts.. Dragons can shape-change into a normal human or anything you want. It is essentially like dating Keanu Reeves at that level. Dating 50 different types of guys but they’re all the same person and hence, it’s never cheating. And most dragons don’t want to be understood. Rather accepted and obeyed when necessary. The gregarious relationship will not be without its problems… physical boundaries and dysfunctionalities and course being eaten. But most tend to overlook such problems.

The knight is a representation of authority, trying to bring you back from your imaginary world. And into the politics and grind of everyday life. He wishes to kill that which you both equally claim, and return you back to his leader under a name of a dead god to continue on with the chores and riggers of society. This thought process is worsened at the fact that it isn’t that night which believes they’re trying to save you, but a group of commoners that want you to go back
to a normal, unthrilling life. My advice to all who read this is just one thing:
“If Mario dies. It was probley for the best anyways. And if you’re Mario. Don’t be.”

Now go play some smash brothers.

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