Controller Pairing with the Ouya.

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Controller Pairing Issues:

Controller Pairing issues can happen if for some reason pairing between the Ouya was lost due to factory defaulting your console or possibly the controller had its battery left out for a while. It can even happen to other environmental factors such as a laptop with a actively sniffing Bluetooth chip taking control of the joystick! Sometimes its to simply break the pairing with one Ouya so you can move it over or another.

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Ouya Support – Keyboards and Mice

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What about hooking up keyboards and mice to play on the Ouya?

Ouya Support - Keyboards and MiceThe android operating system that Ouya is based on supports keyboards and joysticks with your Ouya natively. In fact, it’s far easier to use the internal browser for Ouya to go online with a keyboard and browser then using the keypad interface with the Ouya joystick. As for better game operation there’s only one game that is known that works very well and this is provided that your Ouya is already rooted which is the quake and doom collections by progger10 which allows you to bind mouse and keyboard control to the game effectively playing games on your android device as if you were on a normal desktop PC.

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Ouya Support – GameStick Controllers

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I tried GameStick controllers on my Ouya, I was able to pair it up manually. But it doesn’t show a player assignment on the Ouya Menu. Is it broken?

GameStick ControllersWhen it comes to GameStick controllers; Ouya tries its best to determine as many third-party joysticks as possible and assign them to a player port in the android operating system. This is admirable of them to do as they could’ve easily locked everything down making it almost impossible to hook anything to your Ouya. But if you are able to link your GameStick controllers and pair it. It is connected! It’s just in a state as to what I like to refer to as “Player 0”

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Ouya Support – PS3 – P3 Controllers

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The solution you described for bluetooth pairing does not work on PS3 and P3 controllers!

P3 controllers pictures.PS3 and the third party “P3” controllers operate a little differently when it comes to their blue-tooth enabling. The first thing you have to do with that model of controller that you hard-wire it into your Ouya (by “hard-wiring” I mean using your USB charging cable that you normally have hooked to your PS3 and hook it from your Joystick to the Ouyas USB Port). By hard-wiring it it breaks any pairing with another PS3 that could be in your house or perhaps a PS3 that is long since separated from the controller as you may have bought this online somewhere.

Note: Upon plugging the PS3 controllers into your Ouya, the Ouya will respectively disable the Bluetooth service on the console and you will lose connectivity with your Ouya Controller. This is perfectly normal!  Just make sure that you can navigate around the menus with the wired connection.

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Ouya Support – Bluetooth Discovery

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Bluetooth Discovery: Ouya does not automatically find the new Bluetooth device I just purchased for it!

Ouya Bluetooth Discovery Screen - Ouya Support Third Party HardwareOuya (more specifically the Android OS) will not automatically find any new Bluetooth device that you plugin via Bluetooth discovery. In some cases it won’t even find a brand new Ouya Controller unless you go into the pairing menu under MANAGE > CONTROLLERS . But for other devices such as Bluetooth keyboards, Bluetooth mice, etc you will need to go into MANAGE > SYSTEM > ADVANCED then select Bluetooth  in the advanced settings menu. Click on SEARCH FOR DEVICES in the upper right-hand corner of the screen and that will tell your Ouya to place your bluetooth in ‘discovery mode’ to find new devices until you the user pairs one up and then the Ouya takes itself out of discovery mode.

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Ouya Support – OTG Cable.

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The Android OS that Ouya uses states that it is OTG compatible however when I use a OTG Cable in the secondary debug port of the Ouya I get nothing!

OTG Cable - Ouya Support Third Party Hardware

Above is the pin-out schematic of that an OTG cable (On the Go) looks like. The major difference is pins 4 and 5 in the mini-USB are bridged to let android based smartphones know that you are not plugging in a data cable for your android OS to transmit data from your android to a destination device like your PC. But you are in fact pulling data from a device to your androids such as a keyboard or USB thumb drive.

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Ouya Support – XBMC reporting wrong time.

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XMBC and KODI reporting wrong time on android.

The wrong time is a result of the Ouyas operating system used more for gaming then it is for any application function like the original intention of the android operating system which is for phones. It’s there you just have to back out of XBMC/KODI to set it. This should technically fall under the core troubleshooting catagory however since it is only noticeable in applications and third-party APKs then it makes more sense to put it down here.

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Ouya Support – XBMC for Ouya MP4 files

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XBMC for Ouya will not play MP4 files! It behaves like its going to play the audio only of the film but does nothing!

XBMC Visualization Only on video files.The MP4 files issue goes into a licensing issue that prevented all of the codecs from being compiled into XBMC for ouya (Currently version 12.3 Frodo). Since version 13.x Gothan XBMC has changed its name over to the new platform KODI.  If you point your Ouyas Browser over to the New Kodi homepage for downloads and select the Android ARM version. You can download the APK and side-load without the need of rooting your Ouya. The version direct from KODI will upgrade the player to version 14.x helix (At the time of this posting) and you will regain access back to playing videos upon it once again.

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