Ouya Support – Artifacts on screen

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My Ouya displays garbage/artifacts on the screen the moment I power it up!

This is also another ugly worst case Ouya Support issue. Where the ouya will ether completely lock up causing the HDMI signal artifacts since it just lost it’s clock timing even though power is still being supplied to the LCD or flat-panel TV.

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Ouya Support – Flashing Power

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Flashing Power: If I press the power button on my Ouya. It only flashes for a moment. If I press and hold the button it will begin to power up until I remove my finger.

This problem I’ve been hearing it pop up from a handful of users but never really experienced it myself which is the flashing power issue. In this scenario it is assumed that you get at least some form of video on your screen when you are holding down the power button such as the orange (U) logo upon power up. Perhaps if you hold it down long enough it comes all the way up to the main menu. If you are not even getting video then it may be something more serious then a simple power switch issue.

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Ouya Support – No Power

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No Power: My Ouya simply does not turn on. I press the button and no light, no anything!

Ouya Review - The PowerBrick.Before you panic and think of the worst case scenario that your Ouya is totally gone it may not be receiving no power from your power supply. I had a friend which had a defective 12v power supply for their Ouya, I took a volt meter to the barrel plug of his power adapter it was was only reading something like 0.6volts! Test out your Ouyas Power supply first with a multi-meter if you have one. If it is defective you can pick up a universal PSU from radio shack or Ebay so long as it delivers an Output of 12 volts and 1.5 amps. If the amperage is less then 1.5 amps the Ouya may have issues crashing while playing games.

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Ouya Support – Burning Ouya

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Burning Ouya: When I put my  Ouya to sleep but when I come back to it later it never wakes up. When I press the power button on my Ouya I touched the side and I notice my console is burning!!! OMG!!


The burning Ouya is a bizarre Ouya Support issue and it happened not on my developer Ouya, or my kickstarter Ouya but an Ouya that I got from a retail outlet like Target. My router is loaded with DD-WRT and I was able to detect all of the Ouyas in my house are constantly sending data over the network (some more then others depending on how many background services you have going) . Burning Ouya - Gets hot when asleep on Ouya Support

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Ouya Support – Credit Cards.

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I have to enter my credit cards into a new system? This is bullshit! I don’t trust Ouya!

This is by FAR the most annoying feature of Ouya where you have to enter in financial information such as credit cards into a device that can be easily stolen or compromised due to physical presence. The only good news to offer is that you no longer HAVE to use a credit card to generate an Ouya account.

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