Ouya Support – Google Play login

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I cannot log into Google Play! Every time I do it attempts to connect and then just hangs out the loading page!

Sometimes with Google Play, you will also experience the 920 error during downloads as well. This happens predominantly because Google changed their UI and upgraded their layout and the Ouya is not smart enough to detect and auto-upgrade google play like it should especially with older frameworks loaded.

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Ouya Support – Google Play Failure

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I rooted my Ouya, but after an update from Ouya my Google Play failure and stops working! All of my rooted background service stop working! Ouya is blocking what I’m doing

Google Play failure after a major update to your Ouya is actually by design. When you root your Ouya and the Ouya company detects that you have rooted your device it will push a full update to your Ouya instead of a partial. As a rooted user it has no idea what you were doing in the ADB console (or in some of the scripts made by other peoples APKs) or what sort of mods you have done to the Android OS which Ouya Sits on top of.

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Ouya Support – Bluetooth Lag

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Bluetooth Lag: My Ouya bluetooth joysticks are slow to respond!

Bluetooth lag is possible one of the most complained and criticized issues with the Ouya console. If you don’t have good joystick response time then your not a gaming console. Ouya could have done a slightly better job at giving the bluetooth controllers a larger antenna on the inside as they have the room for it. I have heard some people stating that they have to tip the Ouya onto its side in order to get better signal. If that is myth or not is to be debating, however tipping over your Ouya does not really hurt anything and if it works for you then good!

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Ouya Support – No USB Device

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No USB device -It does not recognize my USB device when I plugged it in!

A no USB device issue is when you plug something in and absolutely nothing happens! Certain keyboards keyboards may have to have the Ouya hard-booted in order for them to show up. This is a fault once again in Android in general, not just version 4.1!  Our Ouya’s from time to time even when using my non-powered USB hub. Put the Ouya in sleep mode. unplug it. And plug your keyboard in. and then plug the power back into your Ouya. Upon bootloader it should activate your keyboard.

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Ouya Support – APK Space

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I can’t install anymore APKs onto internal memory because I’m out of disk apk space. Yet, it says I have 500MB free space! What gives!?!

Android sets aside 500MB of apk space as almost like a ‘temp’ folder for any work it has to do with installing APKs. When it gets to 500MB it simply stops because the android installer takes that 500mb for initializing installation of your apps. You will have to buy a USB thumb drive or remove some programs off of your Ouya in order to install again.

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Ouya Support – Stuck in Boot Loop

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My Ouya is stuck in a perpetual update loop or boot loop. It states that it is updating, reboots, and then starts the whole process all over again!

Ouya Update Boot Loop Screen - Ouya Support

The update boot loop is a fairly  common problem with Ouya’s when Ouya Inc used to push updates to these units and either the unit was rooted or the download from Ouya Inc got corrupted for whatever reasons.

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Ouya Support – Blocky Low-Rez

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My Ouya looks very low-rez and blocky! It’s only displaying at 640×480! I can’t read the text in some of the video games because of how low of a resolution it is!

A low-rez issue is the fault of Android 4.1; The operating system that Ouya wrapped itself around during the time of launch. And unlike other systems such as embedded linux boxes and even Android 4.4 it lacks adaptable resolutions for displays that do not conform to the proper HDMI standards. Thus, you are stuck with 1080p – 1920×1080 , 720p – 1280×720 and finally the fall-back mode which is 640×480.

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Ouya Support – Power but no Screen

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My ouya was working, but after an update I get a power light and nothing on the screen. I think my Ouya is bricked!

Sometimes this happens if there is cache files that is preventing your Ouya to power up all the way with the newly updated OS. To resolve this you will need a USB keyboard plugged into the back of your Ouya.

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