I am the post apocalyptic girl

Taco-Geddon - Post Apocalyptic - Title

Diaries of the post-apocalyptic girl.

I am the post-apocalyptic girl. I can feel the energy coming off of the satellites above me, calling out for their masters, I wish I can shut them up, tell them that their masters are dead, and they’re as isolated as I am. the survivors don’t understand why I wear high-heeled boots.

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Second Life Riot Ornitz Gen 0 – Human

Second Life - Title

About Riot Ornitz

Human avatars; My account was generated 09/30/2005 which the reason why I joined back then was actually the first months where second life was free to play and in fact was the very short window where they kept giving out 50L a week (Which I still get that 50L each and every day) and since then I have gone through many generations or what some people on SL call M.A.D. (Multiple Avatar Disorder) I shall break down each of the avatars that I have had during my time online.

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Hellcat the feline

Hellcat Title.

Hellcat the feline.

Hellcat was another bit of a production I did in mid 2000’s trying to focus more of coloring and style. once again, from a profile sheet to poses sketch out to the final creations colored in Photoshop and rendered in Lightwave. This one I spent a bit of time on as it was one of my characters for the longest time in the 90’s. A lot of drawsings I could not calculate how long it took me. But I do know the background that was rendered out in LightWave took about 7 hours to do because I had it rendering at 600dpi.

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The Green Book – Sketches from 2001

sketch book 2001 - title.

Sketches from 2001 – A.K.A. The Green Book

Here you will find the archive of my sketches from 2001. There is no significance about a green sketchbook except for the fact that it was on sale at the time I purchased it. No matter, here is where you will find a lot of the sketches from the late 2001 era. A lot of this was made when I was going to M.A.T.C. for a while and I had some classes in between and there was a 1 hour delay between classes. so one hour a day for a year, and I filled an entire sketchbook. Most of the sketches within this book were either reference sheets or things that I used to play around with my Sumi-E Ink Pen. As a note, this is part 2 of my green book series and if you would like to go back to the first part you may click here.

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Loose Paper – Sketches from 1994 – 2001

Loose Paper 1994 - 2001 - Title.

The loose paper sketches from 1994 to 2001

This collection is loose paper sketches collection. Basically books that have either been partially destroyed due to binding failure or just drawn on random pages that I have kept over time. Some of them are drawn with radiographs while others drawn with Sumi-E Ink and pencil.

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Epic – Human Character

Epic Title.

Epic – A space scene

Epic is another color picture from my portfolio. This time a human! Yes, I know! I do draw them. Not as often as I should though. Epic was done with PhotoShop and lightwave 6.0. It was a little experiment to play with reflection in the background as well as an attempt to add some balance in my portfolio. This area will show from start to finish what I did on this one.

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